Welcome to the Drawing Board of My Life!

1 Dec

Hi there!

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Ranford and I’m author of the book, The Instant Entrepreneur, 10 Surefire Strategies to Guarantee Your Startup’s Success. I’m an aspiring lifestyle entrepreneur and during my free time, I love talking to my dog.

For those of you who DO know me, you know that I am doing A LOT of things. So many that I’m pretty sure you’ve lost track. You must be thinking, “What’s Ranford up to this time??”

Don’t worry, I feel you. Sometimes I ask myself that question too. HAHA

Anyway, welcome to the drawing board of my life, ranfordneo.com. This will be the place where I document the journey of my entrepreneurial pursuit; the good, the bad and the ugly.

At the same time, I’ll share with you what were some of the greatest lessons I’ve learned, mistakes I’ve made along the way and what potential pitfalls to avoid.

It’s been exactly two years since I’ve published my book and it took me quite a while to really think about what I wanted to do. I had to ask myself hard questions; about life, about meaning, about purpose and about contribution.

I’ve finally found a quote that resonates with me the most and it’s by Bob Marley that says,

Love the Life You Live, Live the Life You Love (Square)
I’m an Idealist, I enjoy the Entrepreneurship journey, Family is most important to me, I want to Travel more, Purpose means everything, Passion is what keeps me going and giving back through Philanthropy is my ultimate goal in life.

Watch this 30 second video to get a complete summary of what I stand for and intend to accomplish during my lifetime.

Anyway, enough about me. The main reason why I started this website is because of you.

All of us have unique gifts and talents that were meant to be shared with this world. I feel that I’ll be doing you and the people around me a disservice if I chose to withhold what I know, what I’ve learned and who I am as a person. It took me a long time to make this decision to put myself out there again and give it my all.

I’m an overly optimistic person by nature but if you’ve been around long enough, you know that the world can be quite a cruel place. Sometimes life just doesn’t go the way you want it to. Sometimes there are people who will pull you down and rip you up into pieces. Sometimes life just happens.

But courage is not the absence of fear, it’s acting in spite of it. The brave may not live forever but the cautious do not live at all.

That’s why I’ve decided to take the plunge and share with you my journey in hopes of one day, inspiring you to do the same too 🙂

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I’m thinking of writing my next book so if there’s any topic that interest you or something that you really, really, REALLY want to learn about, let me know in the comments section below or drop me a message via any of the social media platforms.

I’ll go out there, brave though the storms, smash through brick walls and sail the seven seas just to learn all that I can about it and share it back here with you (In other words, make a few phone calls and ask my good friend Google and let you know my thoughts on it 😛 )

That’s all for my first article and fingers crossed that it’ll not be my last! I always struggle with finishing what I start. Let’s just hope that the drawing board of my life doesn’t end abruptly, arrgh. *makes a short prayer*

P.S: To all the Grammar Nazis out there, I think faster than I speak and I speak faster than I write or type. I’m trying out this new conversational style of writing so I’m pretty sure I’ve violated like 1000 grammar and sentence structure rules. But I kinda like this style because I can hear my words speak to me with my voice (which is damn cool!!).

I’m always open to learn and improve but please be gentle with your critique, will you? You’re called a “Nazi” for a reason. I’m still a work in progress and I’ll be practicing hard to be better. Promise I’ll use Grammarly to do my spell checks, ok? HAHA


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